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Travel List – Copies of Passport, Tickets, etc. Needed for Travel

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To avoid getting stranded as a traveler due to loss of documents, you need to have copies of passport and tickets in your packing list. You need to make provision for two photocopies of all your travel documents in your travel checklist.

A copy should be with a friend or family at home. It’s advisable to inform at least one person where you will be lodging and how to contact you in an emergency. Take the other copy with you stored separately from the originals on the travel list.

With the advancement in technology, you can upload a photo from the documents to the cloud. These include; iCloud, Onedrive, and so on. It will permit you access to the photos always and everywhere.

Since a phone is also part of the list of things to bring on a trip, you can also upload a picture on it. Be careful not to get your phone stolen, though.

Losing anything in the traveler items can be a genuine hassle on a trip, talk less of losing something of high importance like a passport. It’s much worse because it takes longer to replace, more challenging to replace in a foreign country, and it could cost you more money.

With a copy of that document in your list for vacation, you can speed up the process of getting another one.

There are certain things on your list of what to bring on vacation that needs to be photocopied. These include; passport, visa, travel insurance, health information, credit cards, airline tickets, car rental reservation, cruise tickets, and so on.

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It’s not necessary to have printed copies on your vacation list. It can be electronic copies.

To solve the issue of lost passport, you can go to the closest embassy with any copy of the passport in your traveling essentials list. It will show the number that was issued when you apply for it, which will make it easier to get a new one.

On the issue of loss of credit cards, you’ll need to contact the bank or company that issued it as quickly as you can. When making copies for your trip list, you need to snap the front and back of the cards.

The back of the cards contains contact information for your bank. You must contact these institutions speedily to cancel the cards and get any unauthorized purchases removed from the account.

If you need to carry a copy of the passport in your traveling list, you might want to guide it with a money belt. It’s advisable to put a money belt with a flat fanny pack in your vacation essentials list. It can accommodate both your hotel key and a little money too.

You can also consider purchasing a travel wallet. A travel wallet with a zipper will keep your list of things to bring on vacation organized. Wear it across your front to safeguard it from pickpockets.

You have many things to remember to include in your checklist for trip. However, it would be in your best interest if you didn’t forget photocopies of essential travel documents in your list of traveling essentials. Keep good records and copies of those critical traveling items.

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