Why You Need To Visit Montana This Summer

Why You Need To Visit Montana This Summer

As a landlocked state, Montana may not be the top choice for summer destinations, but the breathtaking nature, fresh food and outdoor activities place the northern state as a top option for those looking for something more than a beach vacation. Here are the top six reasons to visit Montana this summer.

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1. The Views
It is called “Big Sky Country” for a reason. The horizon stretches for miles in either direction and is consistently bordered with mountains. Lightening storms are surreal as the high elevation and the endless views make the strikes seem as if they are never ending.

2. Glacier National Park
Rated in the top drives in American by Travel and Leisure and many others, going to the Sun Road winds through the national park. The high snow falls limit the road to only being open for a few months of the year. Other activities at the park include hiking and camping.

3. Huckleberry
A sweet, but tart berry that resembles a blueberry is native to Montana and can be found in everything from pies and jams to wine.

4. Salmon
The fish swim openly in the state’s many natural lakes and rivers and can be found at most restaurants. The salmon burger at Luna’s Restaurant on the East side of Glacier National Park is a prime example of a meal crafted from the state’s fresh fish.

5. The People
From the motel owner waiting up to for a very late check-in to the locals at the bar, the people are welcoming, friendly and accommodating to visitors.

6. Lakes 
For being a landlocked state, Montana has plenty of lakes and rivers that serve as the perfect location for water sports. From swimming to rafting, water enthusiasts are able to spend endless days in submerged or on top of the natural water sources.

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