5 Overlooked Tips When Traveling To Ibiza

5 Overlooked Tips When Traveling To Ibiza


Ibiza: The party capital of the world. It’s just a small island with the hottest clubs and DJ’s, right? Wrong. Ibiza is actually a pretty big island and although there are a ton of clubs and famous DJ’s, there are also spectacular beaches, great restaurants, hiking, and small bars to go hopping. Before heading to Ibiza, read these five helpful tips that might seem obvious but often are overlooked.

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  1. The first misconception about Ibiza is that it is small. In fact, there are two main towns to stay in: San Antonio and Ibiza, and they are on completely opposite sides of the island from one another. While these two towns are where most of the tourists flock to and have plenty of hostels, bars and restaurants, there are multiple other towns on the island. So, if you are booking a hostel or hotel in Ibiza, make sure you look into what part of the island it is located in before you go ahead and click to reserve.
  1. Another tidbit about location: Not all of the clubs are in the same place. It is easy to imagine a tiny island with huge clubs all right next to each other, but this is not the case for Ibiza. The clubs are actually spread out in the different towns and around the island (some clubs are basically huge warehouses, so they need to be where there is a lot of space). Although you can take a taxi anywhere, the island has really good public transport in the form of buses. At night, they turn into disco buses and play music for the people heading home.
  1. When buying tickets for different clubs, boat parties, or events, there are multiple options. The first way is to check online and book ahead of time because sometimes things sell out, especially a day or two before the event or when there is a famous DJ. You can also buy tickets from various supermarkets or kiosks in the towns or from promoters on the streets. Sometimes an event is sold out online, but the stores and the promoters might still have tickets so check with them before feeling discouraged! Whether you plan ahead, or go with the flow, there is always something fun to do on Ibiza. However, beware of ticket prices at the club entrances. They are always way more expensive than buying tickets online or at a supermarket.
  1. Speaking of expenses, bringing a flask to Ibiza is not a bad idea. While alcohol is available pretty much everywhere and at any time of the morning or night, some drinks can get expensive. For example, at one of the best night clubs, Amnesia, drinks start at around 20 Euro. If you are trying to save a little bit of money, buy a big bottle of alcohol from a supermarket and bring a flask, just don’t get caught!
  1. Last but not least, balance partying and other activities. Even though Ibiza is known for it’s crazy clubs, there is so much more to do on the island. First of all, there are tiny strips in San Antonio and Ibiza Town that have great smaller bars that are fun to hop around including 90’s music, hip hop bar, etc. There are also incredible beaches all throughout the island that you can walk to, drive to, or find a bus to. Some are hidden coves with crystal blue water that blow away the city beaches closer to the tourist towns. Ibiza also has boat rides, fishing, hiking, jet-skiing and so much more.

Ibiza is filled with tons of activities, many different types of music and fun people. It is like no other island (or place in the world) and is definitely worth the visit.




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