10 Reasons To Get Behind Tour de Fat

10 Reasons To Get Behind Tour de Fat

Imagine starting your day riding in a parade with 10,000+ other cyclists. All shapes, all sizes, all races together doing the one thing they love: riding their bicycle.

On each morning of a Tour de Fat, sponsored by New Belgium, this feeling, this sight, is the reality.

Tour de Fat is a traveling celebration of bicycles aimed at raising awareness for cycling as a form of transportation. In cities all over the United States, cyclists gather to advocate for increasing the friendliness towards bicycles in the communities they call home. As mentioned, each Tour de Fat opens with a bike parade through the city. Participants are encouraged to embrace their alter-egos as they dress up themselves, and their bikes, and ride the streets as a creatively diverse pack.

tour de fat


Flickr photo via Channone Arif

After the parade, cyclists gather in the park of their host city for an afternoon filled with New Belgium beers, local food trucks, cyclists, sun and musical acts.

Still not convinced you won’t wheelie love it? Here’s 10 more reasons to get your head spinning.

1. Where else can you try out a bike made out of a couch which has a beer named after it?

2. All the dollars made go back to the host city – New Belgium doesn’t receive a dime.

3. Tappings of beers you can’t usually get – Carnie Blood anyone?

4. The Slow Ride – in order to win you have to ride the SLOWEST on two-wheels. Take that, Tour de France.

5. Pre-apply for the car-for-bike swapper series and you could win a bike if you agree to sell or trade your four-wheels for two.

6. CARNIES! (Need I really say more?)


Flickr photo via -ted

7. Cruise around on bikes from the creative minds at New Belgium in the bike rodeo corral – for example, a 36 inch wheeled cruiser.

8. Le Tigre Tent, also known as the tiny tent of awesomeness. Who knows, you may see a drunk-not-so-real-calmed-down elephant stomping around.

9. Participate in a dance-off with 1,000 of your closest cycling friends – the best dancer gets awarded a free bike.


So what are you waiting for? It’s a known fact that bicycles can’t stand up on their own, since they are always two-tired – so help them out a little, head on over to a Tour de Fat coming soon to a city near you.









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