Eat Inside Of A Restaurant That’s Really An Airplane!

Eat Inside Of A Restaurant That’s Really An Airplane!

We all know that the food served on an airplane leaves a lot to be desired, but the food served at The Airplane Restaurant (Solo’s) is just the opposite.

The restaurant is set inside of a fully-intact Boeing KC-97 tanker (one of the largest piston air crafts ever built by Boeing) that was built in 1953. In May 2002, it began its second mission to be the preeminent aviation restaurant in the United States. Unlike other “gimmicky” restaurants, Solo’s serves good food at affordable prices. Although, the restrooms do play sound effects of plane takeoffs and landings.  Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, adjacent to the Radisson Hotel, they are open daily for lunch and dinner.

airplane restaurant

Yelp photo by Jessica H.

Forty-two passengers can eat in the plane of the 275 seat restaurant. Solo’s serves classic American fare such as steaks and ribs, as well as chicken, seafood and pasta dishes. Displaying hundreds of pictures, memorabilia and rare artifacts, Solo’s offers much more than great food, it offers a flight through aviation history.

The Airplane Restaurant KC-97 is not only rich in history, but also in luck. Returning from one of the many refueling missions to Europe, the KC-97’s crew thought they were going to have to ditch in the Atlantic. They couldn’t remember where they put the Azores (islands located 970 miles west of Portugal)! Luckily for the crew, the plane, and The Airplane Restaurant, the Azores were rediscovered and the plane didn’t end up on the bottom of the ocean.

Treat yourself to first class and celebrate the 100th Anniversary of flight and fly on in to Solo’s!

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