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Below are the best Bay Area spots to unroll a blanket, unpack a basket and dine outdoors.

Welcome to the City by the Bay, a peninsula of steep and rolling hills. San Francisco is no stranger to open space and waterfront activities, which is why picnicking is a popular pastime. Choose from countless parks, fields, and beaches. Each provides a unique ambiance – with a view! Below are the best Bay Area spots to unroll a blanket, unpack a basket and dine outdoors.

Mission Dolores Park

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Flickr photo via Mik Scheper

It’s so much more than a grassy hill. This park has one of the best views of the San Francisco skyline. Set up camp under a palm tree and enjoy. As one of the city’s favorite parks, Mission Dolores fills up quick with nothing but good vibes.

Stuck in the San Francisco rain? No problem. We’ve got a list of things you can do to beat the weather and have an amazing, and pretty unique time.

Lose yourself in a Labyrinth:

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Flickr photo via Curtis Fry

It may not seem like the most conventional San Francisco activity, but the Grace Cathedral has an indoor labyrinth that you can explore solo or with family and friends. The walks are meant to be meditative, and they offer bi-monthly candlelit walks for those looking for a definite spiritual vibe. Yoga is also held in the Labyrinth on Tuesdays (they ask for a $10 donation), and essentially as long as the Cathedral itself is open, you can wander in for a wander around the indoor labyrinth. Should the rain let up, there’s always the outdoor labyrinth to try as well!


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