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I believe that the best way to explore a new city is by bike. It’s healthy, usually easier and it’s a great way to find hidden gems. A few months ago I flew to Boise, Idaho sans my trusty bike. Being one who hates wasting money on cabs and Uber (they are great when you have to use them though), I began to research ways to rent a bike for the long weekend. After ruling out a couple bike shops and the local University, a friend of mine told me about Spinlister.


I located a couple cruisers in the area and was nearly about to request when I was gratefully offered up free bikes from the house we were staying at. But, if you don’t get that lucky, here’s a quick spin down of Spinlister – I know I’ll be using it in the future.

Spinlister was founded in 2012 by Will Dennis and Jeffrey Noh out of California. The idea behind the concept is simple yet genius. Dennis and Noh aimed to provide local bikes, by people actually living in the cities you’re visiting, for a low price. Dennis was quoted as saying, “There’s something pretty cool about going to a site and being able to rent a bike from someone in Australia, Romania, Paris, or Austin, Texas.”

And I 100% agree – it is cool. 

Bikes are available for rent in most big cities around the world and slowly migrating to smaller ones. The type of bike available varies from city to city as well. Everything from high-performance road bikes to vintage cruisers are listed – ranging in cost from as little as $4 a day to $50 plus.

Bikes aren’t the only thing Spinlister has for rent though. Snowboards, skis, surfboards and SUP boards are also available in some cities.

Those looking to make some cash by renting out their bike/other equipment can do so with ease by using the Spinlister mobile app or desktop site. As an added piece of mind, Spinlister insures all damages to bikes up to $10,000. How’s that for a trusted business plan?

The next time you’re heading to a new city, I highly encourage you to check out renting a bike from Spinlister.

Or rent a SUP board – I hear it’s what’s up this summer.

Have you tried out Spinlister?


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