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Let me admit a truth here: This post will shine a light on the fandom I feel towards the travel blogger known as Nomadic Matt. I’ve never met the guy and yet he’s vacationed with me (bare with me, that sounded super creepy). Well, not him – I doubt he’d fit in my backpack alongside an abundance of pocket t-shirts, but his tips on South America budget traveling sure did. My travel mate and I printed them out, poured over them while we sprawled out in the Florida airport and carried them all over Ecuador, Peru and Colombia.

I first stumbled upon Nomadic Matt’s site when I began traveling back in 2012. After returning from summiting Mt. Kilimanjaro and hanging out with a cheetah for an afternoon, I joined the grid again and saw someone had retweeted this guy who called himself “Nomadic Matt.”

I clicked on the article and did one of those things where you get really excited about the words in front of you and you scroll down to the end of the page and then realize you didn’t even finish the first paragraph. It’s a good thing, I promise Nomadic Matt.

Anyway – I’ve followed him ever since. I devoured his book one rainy afternoon at the local coffee shop in town and then again while my lamp flickered on and off when I was supposed to be finishing a philosophy paper (are they ever really done anyway though)?

And then, a few days ago I saw it: Matt (can I call you Matt?) had opened a hostel. As a microadventure enthusiast, I knew I had to add HK Austin to my weekend adventure list.

nomadic matt


According to Nomadic Matt’s blog, the HK Austin is co-owned by him and his friend, Brent. Located on a historic property in the east area of Austin, near the famous 6th Street, HK Austin opened its doors to guests in August.

HK Austin is listed as a co-living space on its website, and is intended to provide creative minds and wanderers a comfortable environment to stay. And who wouldn’t be comfortable when you’re staying in a Victorian mansion with dual wrap around porches, gated backyard and free pancake breakfast on Sundays?


For the artists out there, HK Austin also has accommodation packages available. If interested, check out their site for more details.

I don’t know about you all, but if you want to find me, I’ll be hanging out on one of those dual porches. Brb.

This post is brought to you by an uber-fan of Nomadic Matt.

Opinions are my own.

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