3 Must-Have São Paulo Experiences

3 Must-Have São Paulo Experiences

The city of São Paulo, also known as the concrete jungle, or just “Sampa”. The city may not have the amount of natural beauty as other cities may offer, São Paulo is the home of the best nightlife of the country. But there’s much more in the city than its nightlife. For instance, the city is also the cultural center of Brazil. Check out the top 3 experiences to have in the city!

Photo via Bar Secreto

1. Go to the Bar Secreto One of the most exclusive nightclubs in São Paulo. To get in you must either be on the host’s list on the door or in occasional nights, know the secret password to get in. The bar has a certain mystery to it besides the entry one, for instance, you can only contact them by email, the nightclub doesn’t answer phone calls. Once you are inside, you will see an environment similar to a chic piano bar, but once the party starts, it’s only MPB, electronic music and rock n’ roll.

Photo by Madeleine Jazz Bar

2. Have a Drink at Vila Madalena

Vila Madalena is the bohemian neighborhood of São Paulo, and having a drink or two in one of its bars on Saturdays is almost cultural. In this experience besides experience being a Paulista while drinking the signature drink of the bar you’re in, you can also enjoy some live band performance. In this part of the city the repertoire is mostly Samba. At the menu besides the appetizers, you can also find Feijoada (typical Brazilian food).


Photo via Fernanda Kirmayr

3. Visit Beco do Batman


São Paulo is known for its street art. There’s street art everywhere in the city, representing the most diverse things and artists, and there’s not a better place to enjoy it than in Beco do Batman (Batman’s Alley). It all started when an image of a fat batman wearing flip flops was graffitied in the Alley’s wall. Since then, numerous artists have already contributed to make Batman’s Alley a kind of open street art museum.


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