SAD: Love Locks Removed From Paris Bridge

SAD: Love Locks Removed From Paris Bridge


Hearts everywhere are breaking after hearing news that hundreds of thousands of “love locks” have been removed from Paris’s famous Pont des Arts.

According to the BBC, the weight of the locks, which were placed by lovers trying to commemorate their relationship, caused part of the bridge to collapse last year. City council has said that it was necessary to remove the locks for safety and preservation reasons.

Of course, couples across the world are devastated by the news. “From a distance, you don’t know that they are locks. Close up, they may be visually ugly, but they tell stories,” tourist Anthony Boccanfuso told The New York Times.  “It’s like carving your names on a tree or putting your names in wet concrete.”

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Flickr photo via Loïc Lagarde

Another noted that the “bridge of love” is an iconic, bucket-list item many tourists look forward to seeing when they visit Paris. Bruno Julliard, Paris’s deputy mayor, said the city will try to come up with new ways to have people express their love in, what some would consider, the most romantic place in the world.

But for now, Pont des Arts will be lockless, and the metal grilles will be replaced by paintings from artist before transparent panels are placed.

Pont des Arts was completed in 1804, but it wasn’t until 2008 that tourists started attaching padlocks to the bridge in order to symbolize their love….

Did you have a lock on the Pont des Arts?


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