Not Your Average Greenhouse: Visiting Orchids By Hausermann

Not Your Average Greenhouse: Visiting Orchids By Hausermann

I’ll admit, I do not have a green thumb. I’ve killed nearly every plant I’ve ever bought and have even managed to mangle every fake plant I’ve been handed. 

Some people just aren’t destined for the delicate gene. However, even those who should steer clear of being a “plant mom” know that when you’re staying on your friends’ couch in the woods of Naperville (there are woods in Naperville and they somehow found the raddest house tucked away in them) and they say they want to take you to their favorite greenhouse, you say “of course.”

Located in Villa Park, Orchids by Hausermann, Inc is the largest orchid grower in the Midwest. Walking into the (giant) greenhouse, my nostrils were intoxicated by the naturally, wonderful smell of orchids.

Honestly, most of my senses were on overload. My eyes were seeing color upon color of orchids (some I didn’t even think possible) and I felt completely relaxed. While I may not have a green thumb, I’m pretty certain I do have a green heart.

Orchids By Hausermann

Flickr photo via yooperann

Orchids by Hausermann was founded by Carl Hausermann during the 1920’s. During that time, he started to grow sweet peas, roses and gardenias under glass. In 1935, his son Edwin brought orchid plants into the picture. The orchids rapidly replaced all the roses and gardenias. Today, approximately 400,000 Cattleya, one of the more beautiful varieties of blooms are produced annually by the Hausermann’s. 

Over the years the demand for orchids has grown wildly and allowed for the growth of the firm. At Hausermann’s they strive to produce all variety of orchids, even those that are near extinction.


Flickr photo via H. Michael Miley

The next time you’re on the hunt for a crazy, unique destination to visit while wondering around the suburbs of Chicago, give your nostrils a vacation and visit Orchids by Hausermann.

Who knows, you may plant a seed to grow some orchids of your own.

Or you’ll just decide to leave that to the professionals and place an order for some beautiful orchids from Hausermann’s once you get back home.

Have you visited Orchids by Hausermann?



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