Microadventures: The Easiest Way To Spice Up Your Life

Microadventures: The Easiest Way To Spice Up Your Life


When you think of an adventure, what comes to mind? Thousands of dollars? Quitting your job? Gallivanting all over Europe? Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail? All are correct. All are awesome – yet all require a certain level of dedication and time.

So what about if you have less time? What if you need a small scale version of an epic trip? Something that doesn’t require any vacation time yet somehow makes your Instagram look pretty dang amazing.

How about a microadventure? A quick, inexpensive, whatever-you-want kind of adventure. Need some ideas to get you started? Read on for a few of my favorites to get your gears spinning. 




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Sometimes we all need to put down the phone, look away from the computer screen and look up – at the stars. It’s free. It’s relaxing. It lets you escape. For my 24th birthday this year (how did that happen?) all I wanted was to grab some dinner, a few brews and head out to the country for some stargazing. I grabbed the boyfriend, a bottle of wine and a blanket to cuddle up in. While it wasn’t a stamp on the passport, it was an adventure and memory all the same.




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Stars, bonfires, tents – do I really need to say s’more? Heading out into the great outdoors to sleep with nature is the easiest way to escape the daily grind, decompress and be in the moment of life. Bonus of camping? Everyone can do it! There is literally no skill involved with camping. Except for sometimes pitching a tent or starting a campfire – but that’s why you have smart friends, right?

Spontaneous Flights – “Yes Man” Style



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I fell in love with the movie “Yes Man.Zooey Deschanel, spontaneity, mopeds, rom-com – this movie had it all. My favorite scene was her “running while taking pictures” group, but my second favorite was when her and Jim Carrey went to the airport and booked the first open flight (and no, it wasn’t because their destination was my hometown). We’ve all had the fantasy right? You’ve had a hard week, you want to escape your house, so you think to yourself, “I wish I was a bird so I could just fly away.” But you aren’t a bird and flying, unfortunately, isn’t cheap – so you do the next best thing: you grab the cash you’ve been storing away and head to the airport. If you don’t have any spare cash, or you aren’t such a daredevil, pick a long weekend to get away and buy the cheapest ticket online – it’s still an epic adventure in my book.

Real life Mad Libs


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I may be growing in age every year, but I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow my imagination. One foggy, rainy afternoon I decided to recreate Mad Libs, using things found around my neighborhood. Grabbing one of many notebooks around my apartment, and a friend to help, we wrote down 10 objects, ranging from a raggedy treehouse, alley cats and boxes of books on the sidewalk. Once we had the objects down, and were freezing from the bitter Nebraska temps, we grabbed some coffee and wrote a story from the objects we found. We made up characters and led them through hilarious scenarios using the objects as starting points – reverse Mad Libs, you could say. It didn’t cost a dime, but it was an afternoon well spent.

These are just a handful of easy, inexpensive microadventures that I’ve experienced. I challenge you to come up with your own – you could hate camping for all I know. To check out even more ideas, read this article by the adventurous mastermind himself, Alastair Humphreys – he knows a thing or two about spicing up your life. 

Have you taken a microadventure?


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