3 International Summer Games To Try This Season

3 International Summer Games To Try This Season


Getting away for the weekend, or week, is a great way to beat up the daily grind of summer where paid days off are far and few between. But some weekends you have a birthday party or wedding to attend and can only afford a few hours of adventure.

When that happens, sneak outside to try a few new, unique summer games. Who knows, you may discover you should have tried your feet at soccer in grade school that one day.


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Originating from the Netherlands, footgolf has recently kicked-off in the United States and other countries. Set up the same as regular golf, footgolf is played with regular size soccer balls on the fairways. Players aim to get a hole-in-one into the 21 inch diameter holes near the regular holes on the golf course. Word of advice, stretch your shins prior, I may or may not have been sore for a few days.

Bubble Soccer




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Also known as Loopyball in Germany, bubble soccer (or bubble football for those across the pond) started off as a joke between Henrick Elvestad and Johan Gold, hosts of the Norwegian comedy sports show Golden Goal. After posting a funny video of them playing on YouTube, the game quickly spread across Europe. The game is a cross between soccer and zorbing and the objective consists of scoring into the net while knocking your opponent down while trying. For those ill-balanced, you may want to stick to practicing your coordination before hitting the pitch.

Kayak Polo



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While this one requires more gear, and access to a lake, if you ever get the chance to try your hand at kayak polo, I highly recommend it. Also known as canoe polo, kayak polo combines canoeing and ball handling skills where those who love challenging their fitness will definitely fall in love with. Each team has five players and aim to score against their opponents using teamwork and balance. The ball can be thrown by hand, flicked with the paddle or passed between players. Many cities have underground leagues and provide kayaks and equipment for a fee.

Grab your best friend and head out for an exercise induced getaway next weekend. A cold one never tasted so good after running (or paddling) around in the sun all afternoon.

Have you tried any of these summer games this season?


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