Must Try: Hot Chocolate & Cheese In Colombia

Must Try: Hot Chocolate & Cheese In Colombia


Being a non-meat eater in a state full of them has forced me (allowed me) to make some pretty odd food pairings. I take what’s around me, sans covered in bacon, and form meals that are a little out of the ordinary, but all in all delicious. While traveling I also search out local foods and traditions foreign to my native land.

Luckily, while traveling in Colombia, a day before boarding a flight back to Nebraska, I discovered something I had yet to try: hot chocolate and cheese. That night, my travel mates and I searched the city of Bogatå for an open cafe that served up the delicacy. After several failed attempts (but it’s a tradition here, I nearly screamed) we stumbled upon a quaint cafe, nestled between several businesses, this small slice of heaven (I’m a real cafe junkie) was an open space for getting away from the bustle of the city and carving out a few hours to yourself.

hot chocolate and cheese


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We ordered three hot chocolate and cheeses and were told to soak our cheese into the hot liquid, allowing it to absorb flavor before fishing the cheese out. Patiently, I soaked my cheese, allowing the rich chocolate aroma to swirl up my nose. A few minutes later we dug in.

It wasn’t at all what I had expected, yet my taste buds weren’t disappointed or concerned, they were content. One of my travel mates shook his head in disgust, but like everything, some things aren’t for everyone.

The next time you’re in Colombia give your tastes something new – who knows, you could bring the recipe back home with you.

Have you tried hot chocolate and cheese in Colombia?


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