4 Central Hiking Trails In Vancouver

4 Central Hiking Trails In Vancouver

Looking for a getaway this summer? Ever thought about traveling to Vancouver? This bustling Canadian city is filled with great restaurants, night life, museums, friendly people, and is surrounded with beautiful scenery. Visit Vancouver for an easy escape to the outdoors. While there is bigger and wilder terrain to explore, these four hiking trails in Vancouver are easily accessible from the city center and get you out into the open without too much of a hassle.

Stanley park:

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Stanley park is the largest urban park in Vancouver. This beautiful green paradise has everything including lush vegetation, unbelievable beaches, mini golf, swimming pools, natural wildlife, and cultural history. The park is very easy to get to from downtown Vancouver by bike, walking, or public transit—it just depends where in the large park you want to visit! One of the most famous attractions of the park is the Seawall—the longest unbroken path along the water in the world! For more information check out this site.

Pacific Spirit park:


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Pacific Spirit park is about ten minutes outside of Vancouver by public transport. It is located on the University of British Columbia endowment lands and touches the Pacific Ocean. The most common route is about a three hour loop through dense forest. However, when you arrive at the trailhead, you can pick a route that best suits you!

Dog Mountain:


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Dog mountain begins at Mount Seymour Ski Resort. The park is open all year round and is one of the only parks where dogs are allowed on almost every trail, hence the name! The road to the trailhead is beautiful and there are many trails ranging from easy to difficult. Goldie Lake and Mystery Lake are two of the easier options, while Mount Seymour is a more challenging trek to the top of Seymour.

Burnaby Mountain:

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Burnaby Mountain is about 30 minutes outside of Vancouver by public transport. It is by Simon Fraser University and has many different routes. The network of trails in this park are fun to wander around. For a steep climb, try out the Velodrome trail to arrive at beautiful Japanese totem poles in front of Horizons restaurant where you might want to stop for a snack and a great view!

So if you are looking for a great summer vacation with a mix of city life and outdoors life, Vancouver is definitely a destination to consider. There are so many trails within only an half hour by public transit!

Do you have some favorite hiking trails in Vancouver?


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