We Review: Grillmarkaðurinn In Iceland

We Review: Grillmarkaðurinn In Iceland

Grillmarkaðurinn In Iceland

Iceland is known for its beautiful scenery, friendly people and well, cold weather. But something that is way underrated is the food in Iceland. During our five-day stay in the Nordic island, we ate at many, many different places, but hands down, our best meal was at Grillmarkaðurinn.

Grillmarkaðurinn or The Grill Market as it’s called in English, is located in the northern part of Reykjavik. It’s prime location is just one of the many perks of Grillmarkaðurinn.

When we first got to the restaurant, we were overwhelmed by the gorgeous decor. Grillmarkaðurinn perfectly combines modern style with nature. Once you take in the stunning light fixture centered in the middle of the space, the real fun begins.

Grillmarkaðurinn In Iceland

The waitstaff was beyond nice, letting us know about specials, wine recommendations and food suggestions. While the menu is complete with delicious options such as grilled pork ribs, crisp vegetables, grilled lobster and dry aged rib eye, we were looking specifically for one thing: whale.

Now, say what you will about eating whale, but when you’re in a place like Iceland AKA a once in a lifetime travel adventure, you go all out. And that’s just what we did.

Four of us split the Minke Whale Steak, which was super tender and complimented with deep-fried mushrooms. If you’ve never had whale, you’ll be surprised to find it is incredibly delicious.

In Iceland, whale is typically served as an appetizer, so we also tried our hands at the dry age rib eye, corn on the cob, chicken skewers, and the meat gourmet, which offered a combination of beef, lamb and duck. Everything was served beautifully on wooden cutting boards, and everything was incredible.

It was hands down the best meal we had in Iceland, and one of the best meals we’ve ever had in our lives. This is largely due to the fact that Grillmarkaðurinn buys most of its produce directly from farmers.

Another great thing to mention are the prices. For the atmosphere, hospitality and quality of food, you couldn’t ask for a better deal than what this place has to offer.

Our last suggestion to you is to book early. If you know you’re going to Iceland, be sure to call ahead and make reservations — it’s a super popular place!

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