Would You Sleep On A Boat In Berlin?

Would You Sleep On A Boat In Berlin?

Berlin is a hip young city and there are plenty of cool places to stay, but not many people can say that they’ve slept on a boat! The Eastern Comfort Hostel is a large boat on the Spree River. For a unique experience, book one of the rooms of this floating hostel for your stay in Berlin.

With the option of a view of the Spree River or a view of the Berlin wall, you can’t go wrong with the room location on the boat. There are two types of rooms called first and second class “cabins,” just as they would be called on a cruise ship. First class cabins have large double-beds with bathrooms and windows peering out into the beautiful Berlin scenery. Second class cabins have three or four beds, but are outfitted with portholes instead of large windows. They are a little more crowded, but still comfortable to stay the night.

The Eastern Comfort is a great place to watch the sunset (or rise if you get up that early or stay up that late) and to relax after a day of exploring. The boat strictly advertises that it is not a party boat and does not promote or allow excessive noise or partying to disrupt other passengers. The staff is bilingual so English won’t be a problem, and they are very friendly and helpful.

However, although the Eastern Comfort hostel is like no other hostel out there, make sure you are aware of a couple things before booking your room. The stay is a good one, if not only for the experience alone, but the hostel is outside of the city center. It is not as conveniently located as other hostels and is often tight quarters. There have been complaints in the past as well because it seems that there is a small charge for just about everything from linens to breakfast, there can also be spotty WiFi. Check out the website to know just what you will receive with your room before assuming everything is included.

With that said, when do you ever get to stay on a boat? In a savvy and welcoming atmosphere of a hostel? What a great story to tell—a unique one to say the least!

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