The Best Way To Book Inexpensive Flights Abroad

The Best Way To Book Inexpensive Flights Abroad


Deciding to travel is hard enough in itself. There are a lot of people who dream of big trips and adventures, but never actually make their dreams come true. It is daunting to budget a trip and find all of the right places to see and stay, not to mention, finding an affordable flight across the sea! Follow the tips below to make finding a cheap flight easier.

  1. Look at first: is a great site to use when first perusing for flights. Not only do they compile the best deals, but they also have a part of the website that has a graph comparing the cheapest dates to fly in a certain month. For example, when I was booking one of my flights abroad, there was a 80 dollar difference between the Monday I was planning to fly out and the next day. I decided to wait just one more day before flying out to save some money. Their search engine also allows you to click + or – 3, so that the site will look within a week date range to find the cheapest flight.

  1. Buy directly from the airline site:

Even though Kayak is a great reference site, it is best to purchase your tickets from the actual airline site. A good thing to know is that a lot of larger airlines have smaller airlines within their umbrella, or are called different things when they fly abroad. For example, United owns Lufthansa which is the national carrier for Germany and the largest in Europe. Don’t get confused if you go to the United site and it offers you a Luftansa ticket. Buying tickets from the actual site provides a little more security in your booking and often times is a little cheaper. It also allows you to see multiple times that the flight is offered and if price varies depending on when it takes off.

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  1. Be willing to fly at weird times:

The most inexpensive flights are the ones that other people aren’t willing to take, but because you are flying abroad, your hours and timing will be all thrown off regardless of what time you fly. The ideal time to fly varies for each person, but I would suggest an overnight flight. Sometimes these are cheaper, and they also save you time because you can sleep on the plane.

  1. Make the most of layovers:

Layovers can actually be a blessing! Flights with long layovers are usually less expensive because usually people have places to be. However, you can turn a layover into a short mini visit of a city if it is long enough. On my way to Barcelona, the cheapest flight had a 7 hour layover in Copenhagen. During my time there, I took the train into the city center and explored for the day before flying again.

Don’t let the overwhelming idea of planning a trip keep you from seeing the world! With the pointers above, you can find an inexpensive flight easier, although it is best to invest some time in researching before finally clicking and reserving.

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