Inexpensive Ways To Have Fun In Boise, Idaho

Inexpensive Ways To Have Fun In Boise, Idaho

I’ll admit, I like things that are cheap. I’m a twenty-something who is easily entertained, loves the outdoors and is perfectly content with little thrills. I am also a budget traveler. I look for cheap flights, am a sucker for articles listing the least expensive cities to visit that year (hey, like this one!) and always have an ear to the ground for a good dive bar.

To practice what I preach, I booked a (cheap) flight to Boise, Idaho a few weeks back to attend a Tour de Fat with the boyfriend for his birthday. I had never been to Boise, and wasn’t sure what to expect. Little did I know that when I got off the plane (and was blasted by 100 degree heat) I would fall in love with this little city. Here’s a few Boise attractions that will help you fall a little (or a lot) in love as well.

The Hills Have Ears 

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Flickr photo via Tyler Garcia

The day we landed in Boise, there was a concert at the Idaho Botanical Garden. The locals we were staying with told us that some Boiseans listen to the concerts for free by climbing up into the foothills. Always up for a challenge, we wandered out to the foothills to do just that. And it was amazing. After hiking for 20 minutes or so, we planted ourselves onto nature’s chairs and let the music wash over us. Sure, we couldn’t see the band, or purchase $10 beers, but the sound quality was great, and it was so peaceful. A memorable, inexpensive evening for the books.

Paddle Boating

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Flickr photo via Andy Melton

All girls know that paddle boating is romantic. Sitting close to your boyfriend/girlfriend/crush/etc. while slowly paddling on a lake or pond is the easiest way to pretend you’re Ariel in the Little Mermaid and your crab friend is serenading you with “go on and kiss the girl.” Except it’s more like you’re surrounded by ducks and are playing duck, duck, goose over and over in your head. But I digress. Located right off the GreenBelt in Julia Davis Park, I highly encourage you to grab your travel buddy and take a spin on the paddle boats – 30 minutes of bliss will only cost you $8.

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Lessons


Every time I see someone paddling away while standing I get a little jealous. How are you doing that? I always ponder to myself. Well, careful and gracefully, they’d probably tell me. While a little more on the expensive side ($37 for a 1.5 hour lesson) SUP lessons sponsored by the Idaho River Sports are worth the extra cash. Located near downtown, Idaho River Sports supplies the boards, paddles, lifejacket (per request) and excellent instruction. Be warned, you may get a little wet if balance isn’t your strongest asset. But don’t worry, Quinn’s pond is clean, warm and refreshing on a hot day.

Potato skin dropped. 

Have you been to Idaho? What are some of your favorite Boise attractions?



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