Did you know that the Philippines is made up of over 7,000 islands? With so many beautiful islands to visit, this is the perfect country to go island hopping this winter.

When planning the trip to the Philippines, one of the best parts to visit is a province called Palawan. Palawan was ranked the #1 Island in the world by Condé Naste Traveler… and with good reason. The province of Palawan has the main island Palawan and a smaller group of islands called the Calamian Islands which are great for island hopping.

island hopping

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The Calamian Islands is made up of Busuanga, Coron, and Culion. Busuanga is probably the best island to start because it is one of the largest islands in the Phillipines. It is also just incredibly stunning because it is not overrun with tourist hotels and restaurants. Busuanga is one of the islands grouped into the Calamian Islands which are in the province of Palawan. This giant island is surrounded by the Sulu Sea and the South China Sea. Divers from around the world travel to Busuanga because there are tons of creatures and treasures hidden in the waters around the island due to the wreckage of Japanese ships sunk by the American Navy during bombings on September 24th in 1944.

Coron Town is the main town on Busuanga and has a great local vibe. It is mostly made up of divers, local and from abroad. There are other activities besides diving including hiking to the Maquinit hot spring or trek to the top of Mt. Tapyas. However, if you want to escape to some amazing beaches, the best activity is to island hop from Coron Town, Busuanga to the other smaller islands Culion and Coron. (It is a little bit confusing because Coron Town is located on Busuanga and not on Coron Island). To Island hop, you can hire a native boat called a “banca” or be a part of a larger tour.


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The island of Coron has tons of coves, lagoons and beaches that are so picturesque you won’t believe your eyes. One of the must see landmarks on Coronis Kayangan Lake with clear water and Limetone cliffs that create a majestic scene. It is supposedly the cleanest lake in Asia and is hidden in between mountain walls.

Another island worth hopping to from Coron or from Busuanga is the less visited island of Culion. Culion was once the largest leper colony in the world and still holds some sort of stigma that keeps people out. With that said, Culion is beautiful because of how under-developed it is and how small and cute the town is. The main town on the island has a huge coral wall on a church of La Inmaculada Concepcion that is breathtaking in it’s simplicity.

The province of Palawan is filled with interesting and fun activities worth exploring this winter. For you next trip, plan to island hop these three islands to get a taste of diving and adventure on Busuanga, beautiful beaches on Coron and pure small town beauty in Culion.

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islands with natural walkways

Natural walkways are a beautiful example of how beneficial nature can be to us when we need and respect it properly. Here are the two most visited beaches with natural walkways located in amazing tropical countries. We’ll warn you now, you’re going to want to add these to your bucket list.

Vanua Levu

Photo by Official website of Tourism Fiji


As the second largest island in Fiji title, Vanua Levu Island is a must-visit location in the country. The beach has white sand and a sea with a substantial amount of blue tones. The island also has a lot to offer for tourists. There’s yachting, the Wasali Nature Reserve, which has amazing views and plenty of diving companies to take you on incredible tours.

Landaa Giraavaru

Photo by Four Season Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru

Landaa Giraavaru located in the Maldives is known for its natural beauty and that’s what brings tourist from all over the world to visit this beautiful tropical island.

At Landaa Giraavaru’s natural walkway, you can walk on water (kind of) to another island, as there is a trail with a really low density to help the passage between the two. If that wasn’t amazing enough, you can also enjoy fun indoor and outdoor activities like golf, scuba diving, surfing, snorkeling and many other water related sports. The island night life offers amazing underwater nightclubs and cruises.

Both islands are a great experience and you’re sure to make memories that will last for a lifetime!

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There’s just something about this weather that makes us wish we were laying on an exotic island, listening to the cool waves wash ashore while the sun just beams down on us. Unfortunately, we can’t just pick up and jet set to one right now. Luckily, we do have the internet, where we can gawk at incredible photos of these islands while daydreaming.

If you are lucky enough to be able to plan a trip this year, we suggest you take a look at our list of 15 exotic islands we definitely think you need to visit before you die. We bet there are some on this list you’ve never heard of!

Bora Bora

exotic islands

This South Pacific island has something for everyone: romance, adventure and relaxation.

Flickr photo via Benoit Mahe

Have you ever wanted to travel to a place that looks like straight out of a fictional Pixar or Disney movie?Well, it turns out you can, and you won’t have to potentially become an Avatar version of yourself to do so, you can experience this glow in the dark beach in the Maldives!

The awash beach’s biggest and most well know feature is actually a natural occurrence caused by an algae bloom or massive red tide of Lingulodinium polyedrum, also known as bioluminescent phytoplankton, which are microscopic organisms that live in the sea.

maldives beach


Instagram photo via _liquemaeballz_


These little creatures glow in the dark as a reaction to acidity and certain changes that happen in the water — so pretty much every paddle and wave break cause them to glow, because they get stressed or agitated.

There are a few other beaches around the world where you can see this magnificent manifestation of the nature happen, but it only happens on really distinct occasions, so if you REALLY want to see this, the Awash Beach is the safest option to go with!

It’s worth pointing out to everyone who wants to visit the beach, this one is harmless, so you can get in the water if you want to without any health concerns (besides the usual ones).

Have you visited this Maldives beach before?

White beach sand may be the usual to see all over the world, but this list features a few of the beaches from around the world with gorgeous colorful sand!

1. Black Sand Beach

colorful sand


Flickr photo via Seamoor

The Muriwai Black Sand Beach, located in New Zealand is one of the exceptions to the normal beach pattern. The beach has black sand, which is a result of the volcanic past of the island, having been through a natural mutation with the titanium, iron and many more volcanic materials involved. The beach is also home of the largest colony of Gannet birds from New Zealand. So besides having a unique sand and a great ocean view, you can also have adorable wildlife to make your visit that much more interesting.

2. Pink Sand Beach

pink sand beach


Flickr photo via Mike’s Birds

The Pink Sand Beach, located in the Harbour Island, Eleuthera, Bahamas, gets its color from the broken pieces of shells, coral and calcium carbonated material left by marine creatures with pink and red shells that live in the corals surrounding the beach.

3. Purple Sand Beach

Pfeiffer Beach

Flickr photo via Jacqueline Poggi

The Pfeiffer Beach, located in Big Sur, California, is a result of a considerable deposit of manganese garnet and quartz. The purple sand is most likely to be seen after storms in the winter time. Because of the sharp purple rocks and strong currents, swimming in this beach is not recommended as it can be dangerous.

4. Multicolored Beach



Flickr photo via texaus1

Located in Queensland, Australia, the rainbow beach may be small, but definitely makes up for it with its colorful sand. Having 74 different hues, the beach’s sand color is a combination of the iron oxide and erosion that have been occurring there since the last ice age. There is also an ancient legend behind that says the rainbow felt into it after losing a battle for a beautiful woman, leaving his colors to rest on the beach for all eternity.

Have you visited any of these colorful sand beaches?


visiting wales

Wales is often overlooked when planning a trip to the UK, but it shouldn’t be!