And The #1 Beach In America Is…

And The #1 Beach In America Is…

If you’re in search for the best beach in America, you’re going to want to head to Hawaii.

According to the Associated Press, Professor Stephen Leatherman AKA Dr. Beach, has named Hawaii’s Waimanalo Bay Beach the best in the United States.

Leatherman, who is a professor at Florida International University, compiles a list every year after looking at criteria such as water quality, sand and amenities. It’s important to note that Leatherman only ranks public beaches and prefers non-smoking ones. He is also a big fan of safety. “There are a lot of beaches in Hawaii that are absolutely gorgeous but not very safe,” he said.

waimanalo bay beach

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If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of Waimanalo Bay Beach, it’s because it’s a bit of a secret. Located on the island of Oahu, the 3-mile long beach is covered in white sand. Many ironwood trees can be seen, providing visitors with some shade to cool off. The beach is known for bodyboarding, for all you adventure seekers! 

If you’ve already been to Waimanalo Bay Beach and are seeking something new, you can check out the other beaches that made the top 10 list including: Barefoot Beach in Bonita Springs, Florida, St. George Island State Park on the Florida Panhandle, Coast Guard Beach on Cape Cod, Massachusetts and  East Beach in Santa Barbara, California.
Head over to the Associated Press to read more about this amazing beach and Dr. Beach’s discoveries!

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AKA the Best Beach in America?


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