Party With The Locals At The Incredible Barcelona Clubs

Party With The Locals At The Incredible Barcelona Clubs

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Barcelona’s nightlife is one of the best and craziest in the world. There are great bars, clubs and a lot of live music shows. Often times, people stay out until the sun rises dancing their shoes off or talking with friends. The majority of people will recommend making an appearance at one of the infamous beach clubs, or “discotecas.”  These are huge clubs known around the world such as Pacha, Opium, and Carpe Diem with a ground floor opening to the boardwalk and sand of the beach. However, even though these clubs are a lot of fun and have a great location, they are packed with tourists. If you want to party with the locals, check out a few of the best Barcelona clubs below.


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Located in the friendly neighborhood L’exaimple, Mojito is filled with locals who want to dance and have a good time. It is not a huge club with tons of different levels or crazy streamers and smoke, but they do play great music in Spanish (whether it is Spanish music or Latin music). Everyone in the club dances and the club gives off a simple but fun vibe. It even offers dance classes for salsa and bachata during the day so that if you don’t think your dancing is up to speed, you can learn with professionals! Because this is a very local “discoteca” be ready to speak some spanish!


Moog is a small hip little place right off of Las Ramblas, the famous large pedestrian main street in the center of Barcelona. The club is known for it’s electronic music and has the best up and coming DJ’s come through nightly. The club is small, but people go crazy dancing! Make sure to get there a little bit early (which is around 1 in Spain) or else there might be long lines. Bling Bling:

Located a little higher up in L’exaimple than Mojito, and across the Diagonal, one of the main roads in Barcelona, is located one of Barcelona’s gems: Bling Bling. The name itself is fun to say and the “discoteca” is even more fun to visit. This club is a large warehouse-type space decorated with big neon flowers and peace-signs like the 70’s. There is a main room, a VIP room with different music from the main room, and a private loung. Bling Bling has a great energy and there is usually a long line to get into this one.

So the next time you travel to Barcelona, brush up on some spanish, brush up on your dance moves, and party with the locals at one of these “discotecas.”

What are your favorite Barcelona clubs?


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