Introducing The Swiss Army Knife Of Travel Wear

Introducing The Swiss Army Knife Of Travel Wear


When you’re traveling with only a backpack for 30 days, space gets a little tight. Most of the time you can’t find something when you need it and then find the same thing over and over when you wish you wouldn’t. You begin to wear the same shirt continuously so that in a week or so it’ll be so unbearable you have to throw it away.

Luckily, coming out soon is (in my opinion) the best thing ever for travelers everywhere. The BAUBAX jacket was coined the “Swiss army knife of travel wear” by CNN. The BAUBAX debuted on Kickstarter in early July with a goal of raising $20,000. As of July 19, over $800,000 was raised. The jacket has over 15 pockets with an abundance of built-in features including: inflatable neck pillow, insulated drink pocket, sunglasses pocket, iPad pocket, hood, portable charger pocket and in-sleeve gloves.

BAUBAX jacket

The BAUBAX isn’t cheap – prices range from $160-200, but during the Kickstarter phase if you pledge $99 or more, you can receive the jacket at a discount when it hits the market in November. When it does, it will be available in four styles: sweatshirt-style hoodie, windbreaker, bomber jacket and wrinkle-free blazer.

The geniuses behind this idea are Hiral Sanghavi and his wife, Yoganshi. Their long-distance marriage required Hiral to fly from Chicago to San Francisco regularly. Constantly carrying a bag full of necessities began to wear on him.

And then it hit him: Why not wear all of this stuff instead? Cue travelers rejoicing (and longing for this wonderful invention) everywhere.

Is anyone else (super) excited for the BAUBAX jacket to hit stores?



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