Do you love to travel? Do you consider yourself a foodie (without the negative connotation, of course)? Are you always up for an adventure? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then welcome, you’ll fit right in here.

Diary Traveler is a travel and culture blog written by a diverse group of bloggers who have a passion for exploring new locations, tasting the finest (and most unique) cuisines and experiencing once- in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Our blog aims to not only bring you incredible guides of both familiar and unfamiliar lands, but also to inspire you to get out there and see something new!

Our bloggers have visited everywhere from Kansas City to Reykjavik. They have had adventures such as climbing Mount Everest and hiking natural trails outside of New York. They’ve eaten the best pancakes, paella and gelato the world has to offer.  So, even if you can’t exactly pick up and jet set right away, with Diary Traveler you can learn a little bit about the incredible world we live in and the amazing cultures you’ve yet to explore from first-hand accounts. How great is that?



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